Stanford University
PhD Candidate, English Department

Harvard Graduate School of Education
Teacher Education Program

Oxford University
Visiting Student, English

Harvard University
A.B., English and American Literature
Magna Cum Laude


Algee-Hewitt, Mark; Fredner, Erik; Walser, Hannah. “The Novel as Data.” The Cambridge Companion to the Novel. Ed. Bulson, Eric. Forthcoming.

McClure, David; Algee-Hewitt, Mark; Douris, Steele; Fredner, Erik; Walser, Hannah. “Organizing corpora at the Stanford Literary Lab: Balancing simplicity and flexibility in metadata management.” Proceedings of the Workshop on Challenges in the Management of Large Corpora and Big Data and Natural Language Processing. pp. 25-29. 2017.


Stanford University
Instructor, Writing Intensive Seminar in English Average Americans Winter 2017-18

Teaching Assistant

Literary History III (1850—1950)
Instructor: Franco Moretti

Narrative & Narrative Theory
Instructors: Paula Moya & J.D. Porter

Awarded Excellence in Teaching Prize
Stanford English Department
June 6, 2016


Reading the Norton Anthologies
Montréal, Canada
August 10, 2017

How many novels have been published in English? An Attempt
Stanford Literary Lab
Stanford, CA
February 4, 2017

Reading the Norton Anthologies: Databases, Canons, and “Careers”
Stanford Literary Lab
Stanford, CA
November 30, 2016

Reading Norton Anthologies
Santa Barbara, CA
May 27, 2016

Standing Underneath: Melville, Confidence, Testimony
Berkeley-Stanford Conference
Berkeley, CA
April 15, 2016

Fallible and Unreliable Narration in The Sound and The Fury
Lecture in Narrative & Narrative Theory
Stanford, CA
October 27, 2015

Another Castle: The Stolen Princess Narrative in Literature and Videogames
Infinite Possibilities, A Working Group on Speculative Fiction
Stanford, CA
October 12, 2015

Suspense… Language, Narrative, Affect
Sydney, Australia
July 3, 2015

Current Projects of the Literary Lab
Santa Barbara, CA
May 8, 2015

“Two Blocks Joined by a Corridor:” On the Structure of Time in To The Lighthouse
Lecture in Literary History III
Stanford, CA
May 7, 2015

“Inveigling Uncle Tom’s Cabin to Become a Ballet:” cummings’s Tom and the Body
Berkeley-Stanford Conference
Stanford, CA
October 29, 2014

The Stanford Literary Lab’s Pamphlet Series
Future of Publication Workshop
Stanford, CA
October 24, 2014

Research Collaborator

Suspense: Language, Narrative, Affect
Stanford Literary Lab
2014 to present

“Security” Between the World Wars
Stanford Literary Lab
2015 to present

Reading Norton Anthologies: Canons and “Careers”
Stanford Literary Lab
2016 to present

Academic Service

Coordinator, Stanford Literary Lab
2014 to present

Writer, PhD Journalist Project
Stanford Humanities Center
2014 to present

Berkeley-Stanford Graduate Student Liasion
English Graduate Student Council, Stanford

Reviewer, Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations Conference

Conference Convenor
Making & Breaking: The 2015 Berkeley-Stanford Conference
Stanford, CA

Conference Coordinator
Micromégas: The very small, the very large, and the objects of the digital humanities
Stanford, CA
February 2014

Conference Coordinator
Literature: A history of the word
Stanford, CA
April 2016

Conference Coordinator
Findings: Is computation changing the study of literature?
Stanford, CA
April 2017

Academic Affiliations

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations

C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists

Modern Language Association

Academic Awards

2017-18 Pigott Scholars Program Fellowship

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July 25, 2017